Lessons Learned

I will keep adding to this page as I come across things I learn – and try and put into practice!



  • Listen, and try not to interrupt the patient when he is talking, unless they require a word.
  • Don’t change a routine – it only confuses the patient and frustrates the carer!
  • If an appointment has been made for the carer to pick up the patient, the carer should phone the patient about half an hour before the allotted time to ensure he is ready to leave (ie. make sure he has had lunch/his meal, make sure he is changed and ready to leave, etc).
  • Try to stay calm and focussed in frustrating and distressing situations.  Very hard to do but persevere.
  • Food becomes a visual thing – so don’t provide a menu for the patient to try and choose from.  It will confuse them.






Finally, a bit of laughter to finish the page:


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